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Crowdsourcing App created to fill DNA Database

Crowdsourcing behind SAP mobile app for DNA project

A company called SAP is currently creating and has released an early version of a mobile application that uses DNA to “barcode” living things.  These DNA barcodes will be stored in a database, that will utilize crowdsourcing in order to have an international reach.  Before this idea was soley in the scientific community, but now can be used and downloaded by a much wider audience.  The users will send in a picture with GPS location, of specimens they have taken, that will then be used by the researchers.  The users are titled “citizen scientists” and will help with the work needed to barcode living specimens around the world.  As a reward, they citizen scientists will receive details on the specimens they have sent in.  The goal is to have all the worlds living specimens identified and stored in this database.  This is an example of how mobile technology can advance other areas of technology and science.