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iOS7 Lock screen bug discovered for iPhone 5s

With the new iOS7 for Apple there are more new features and accessibility, but with this brings a new found problem. ┬áThe new lock screen feature gives the user too much access. There is a bug that can permit a stranger to gain access to your phone. From the lock screen, if you swipe up to access the control center you can select the alarm clock and from there hold the phone’s sleep button and then when it prompts you to shut down you cancel and then tap the home button and have access to the phone’s multi-tasking screen. This is a big issue because iOS7 loses all its’ security credibility. This issue only occurs on the new iPhone 5s and this is a major problem because they are promoting the fingerprint scanner and how it will give your phone much more security, but with this bug anyone can bypass the fingerprint scan.

iOS7 Bug Leaves Lockscreen Vulnerable For Access