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Huawei to spend $600m on 5G research

Huawei has promised a sizable amount of funding for the next generation of mobile network technology, but just what that involves remains unclear.

With 4G only now starting to become commonplace, Huawei already has its eye on what comes next.

The company announced on Wednesday that it is pouring $600m into 5G research over the next five years, ahead of the expected launch of 5G networks in 2020.

There’s no concrete specification for 5G from the telecom standards bodies yet; the term is generally used as a catchall for what’s expected to succeed today’s 4G LTE networks. For its part, Huawei describes 5G networks as being able to deliver peak data rates of 10Gbps, or around 10 times faster than most 4G connections today.

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AT&T Unveils $5 Cellular ‘Day Pass’ for Tablets

AT&T has revealed a $5 ‘day pass’ option for tablet users in need of a connection. This is a change from their previous options of having a month long connection for $15. AT&T is relying on the assumption that their LTE network might be superior to other connections, such as hotel or airport connections. AT&T believes this connection is an alternative to paid Wi-Fi hot spots in airports or hotels as well as giving consumers a last minute option for a connection. This is a great option to paying for a Wi-Fi connection as it allows the user to still have connectivity no matter where they might go. This might be the best option for travelers to ensure they have a data connection without having to locate the nearest Starbucks or similar option. This is a really interesting development in the pay as you go type services.


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AT&T and Verizon To Launch VoLTE Smartphones In 2014

AT&T and Verizon have both announced their plans to release smartphones compatible with VoLTE.  VoLTE would allow voice calls to be carried out over LTE, which could also open the door for simultaneous data usage and voice usage.  AT&T plans to release their first VoLTE compatible phone at the end of the year, while Verizon is planning for a launch in the first half of 2014.


Source: AT&T expects to launch first VoLTE smartphone this year – FierceWireless

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Verion LTE Roll Out Should Wrap Up by Mid-2013

“Most of Verizon’s strategy talk surrounding its long-term LTE plans has conservatively aimed at upgrading all existing coverage areas to 4G by the end of 2013. If we’re to believe a CFO Fran Shammo presentation, the carrier may have underpromised and overdelivered: the executive now expects LTE to reach the whole network by the middle of next year, or as much as half a year sooner than first thought. What prompted the quicker rollout wasn’t mentioned, although Shammo was eager to point out a surprisingly strong reception to Verizon’s (frequently mandatory) shared plans as well as the ample number of airwaves that came from a spectrum transfer deal with cable providers. Having a lot of customers on premium plans with the capacity to support them tends to help with faster expansion, we’d say. No matter the exact reasoning, the shortened schedule could underscore the advantage of Verizon’s early start on LTE versus those carriers taking a more relaxed pace.”

Verizon CFO: LTE rollout should wrap up by mid-2013, months ahead of expectations — Engadget.

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More LTE Markets for Sprint

“The third-largest U.S. wireless carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. ( S ) added 4G LTE services to four more cities namely Baltimore, Gainesville, Manhattan/Junction City and Sedalia. 

The move is part of the multi-billion dollar restructuring program known as Network Vision plan, which aims to combine 3G and 4G technologies into one seamless network. This would lead to the efficient use of capital, reduction of cell sites, the elimination of dual networks, backhaul efficiencies, reduced churn, lower roaming charges and energy cost savings. As a result, the plan is expected to generate $10 billion to $11 billion in savings over a seven-year period (2011-2017). The company expects the Network Vision deployment to be over by the end of 2013.”


More LTE Markets for Sprint – Analyst Blog –

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LG Announces the Optimus Pad LTE

LG Announces the Optimus Pad LTE.

LG announced its first LTW-capable tablet yesterday, the Optimus Pad LTE. The tablet boasts its selling point features as being LTE capable, having a 1280×720 True HD IPS display, and being ultra thin. Key specifications include a Qualcomm 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor, 8MP rear / 2MP front camera and 32gb of space.  Some people are wondering why LG is releasing a tablet with specifications that mirror smart phones released in Q3 of 2011. Well, your guess is as good as mine.