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Smartphone Charger Scans for Malware

A new smartphone charger created by Kaprica Security called the Skorpion was made to scan your phone while it is charging. It will scan for virus’s and malware, and attempt to remove/fix the problems as your phone is charging. This came after the annual Black Hat security conference where researchers showed its possible to add malware to an iPhone through connecting it to a modified charger. They believe their charger will be better at detecting anything that could potentially be stealing your in formation from your phone. Read more here:

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New research finds that over half of Android devices have unpatched vulnerabilities

The amount of malware taking advantage of Android vulnerabilities is up from last year by a factor of 41.  Researchers are blaming carriers for slow patches as the volume of malicious Android apps are increasing quickly.  Google is also partly to blame for not improving their app-screening practices.