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Blippy application integrates GIFs to chat

Blippy Is Reborn As A Dead Simple Mobile App For Finding Ridiculous Gifs

Blippy is an application that has been remade to give users an easy way to find GIFs and add them to their chat/instant messages.  GIFs are growing in popularity, especially since the rise of video in memes.  Blippy even allows you to add text on top of the GIF so that you can customize it.  Soon users will be able to create their own GIFs from video recordings on their mobile device.

A GIF is a short video that is repeated, and is usually used to describe a situation or feeling, much better than words or a picture can.  These GIFs are usually of low quality, and are from popular movie scenes or youtube videos… etc.  Blippy is taking advantage of what is already popular on the internet, and transitioning it to mobile.  I think Blippy can do much better by allowing more customization to the GIFs, and by making it easy and simple to apply it to current instant messaging.