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Terms of Service – Facebook Messenger goes too far

When users download and install any mobile application, they must always accept the Terms of Service.  It happens so often now, that most people do not even read the text, and just click the check box and move on.  What most users fail to realize is that when accepting the Terms of Service in mobile applications, they give the developers permissions to their phones hardware and user’s personal information.

The Facebook messenger application is an example of a mobile application that asks for “excessive” permissions in their terms of service, and with over 1 million downloads, has been skipped over by most users.  Some examples of how the Messenger Application takes advantage of users is being able to record audio and video, call and text contacts, and reads personal contacts and data.  The application does not even need to be opened.  The reason for this is because it is a free application and probably makes money off selling personal data, or using it in some way to profit/market.