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CID warns against “MyPay” application – security breach

The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command, commonly referred to as CID, has issued a warning to those who use

Defense Finance Accounting Services.  Users have been accessing their accounts through a 3rd party application called “MyPay”, and it is targeting Army personnel and retirees, to retrieve account information and logins.  The application has been downloaded by up to 50,000 military employees and was being used to access accounts from their mobile device.  It has not been reported that “MyPay” has taken any money, but the CID does not want users to use non-sanctioned applications to access Department of Defense Financial information.
The key to this article is that while “MyPay” was convenient and a good idea for those using Defense Finance Accounting Services, it also compromised military regulations.  The military has a more strict governance of access to information, but military personnel would like the convenience of accessing information on the go.  This was offered by a 3rd party, probably better than the military’s option, and users downloaded and used that instead.  The government needs to produce better “sanctioned” applications in order to please users and be more secure, because if not, the users will access the information through “better” applications.