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Paypal App allows users to pay with picture

There is a new feature for the paypal app that allows users to upload a picture of themselves to their paypal account, and then pay for things at certain shops without having to use cash or a credit card.  The user simply “check ins” to the restaurant or store via the paypal app on their smartphone, and when it comes time to purchase the shop owner can pull up their picture on their own paypal app and have the user press “charge” on the app.  This will then charge the order put in by the shop owner to charge the person whose picture is on the app.  This is a new way of purchasing things with technology, and does a good job of combining something that people already use with something they do very often.  The only problem, in my opinion, is the steps needed to check in and then charge.  It almost seems easier to pull out my credit card and swipe.