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Meter Parking paid with phone

Traditionally, those who parked in cities usually needed to find a parking meter spot, and carry change wherever they went.  Parkmobile USA has provided a mobile application that uses a person’s smartphone to pay for parking meters electronically.  Users are able to pay for parking through the application, without having to carry around change, or worry about running back to the meter to refill it.  This allows for a more precise measurement and usability for both the city and residents.

Another cool feature, is that the city is able to put discounts on parking meters during certain days, giving a once unmarketable activity a new market.  The city of Grosse Point is using it as an incentive to download the application, get people to visit the city on certain days, and gather data on busy parking times and events.  This is just another way how a seemingly insignificant mobile application idea, can be used to reach and gather data on a much larger scale.