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‘Phablets’ overtake tablets and laptops in Asia

According to the article, the amount of people using “phablets” has grown immensely over the past few years.  The phablet is a Smartphone with a screen size of 5 to just under 7 inches, such as the Samsung Note Series.  The hype has grown so much in fact that several other companies have joined the market of phablets, providing customers with a variety of phablets that are bigger than your phone, but smaller than a tablet.  This just goes to show how people want the best of both products.  To have the programs and usability of a tablet, while still being able to carry it around in their pocket or on their belt.  This change in style of smartphones will provide developers with a new platform, that can be marketed too specifically.  With the growing amount of phablet users, apps that before were too intensive for phones but not practical on a tablet, are now feasible.