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Google/Motorola’s New Moonshot “Spotlight Stories” Is A Mobile Virtual Reality Movie Medium

Google/Motorola’s New Mobile Virtual Reality Movie Medium

Spotlight Stories is a new artistic medium Google and Motorola Mobility launched today that puts users inside an animated featurette if they spin 360-degrees while watching their phones. The first Spotlight Story “Windy Days” by ex-Pixar moviemakers suddenly appeared on Moto X phones today, and depicts a mouse chased by a hat around a forest you can look around.

According to a sprawling look at the new technology by Wired’s Steven Levy, Spotlight Stories was first dreamed up by Motorola Mobility’s Advanced Technology And Products (ATAP) moonshot division before it was acquired by Google. The search giant poured extra funds into building out the new mobile storytelling format.

The project shows that while tech giants can use their power to index information, connect us, transport us around, or make us live longer, they can also use innovation to delight us. Hand-held devices full of powerful chips, bright screens, and sensors to detect our movement may unlock new forms creative expression, not just new utilities.