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Blackberry launching first BBX smartphone next year

Leaked BlackBerry London is real, launching in Q3.

To try and stay alive in the mobile market blackberry is going to introduce “The London” next year, which will be the company’s first BBX-based smartphone.

RIM still has not been able to get BES or BBM working on BBX devices — probably the only two features BlackBerry phones are still known for these days — so launch details are anything but firm right now.

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Healthx Launches Healthcare Mobile App

Today Healthx released its much-awaited Healthx-enabled Mobile Application, which caters to Payers aiming to connect members with their benefits and healthcare information. Healthx clients will receive their own uniquely branded app available for easy download in the iTunes, Windows, Android, and RIM markets.

This app is basically a PHR, except it focuses more on insurance and health finances than health records. This application will allow users to keep better track of bills and make payments easier.

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RIM: Blackberry apps more profitable than Android Apps

RIM executives announced Tuesday at DevCon Europe that there are now more than 60,000  apps in the Blackberry App World marketplace and that Blackberry devices are the most popular smart phones purchased in the UK. Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of  developer relations said at the event that “App World has 43% more daily downloads per app than Apple’s own iTunes App Store and App World can be more profitable as well — BlackBerry apps supposedly earn about 40% more than their Android counterparts, and 13% of BlackBerry developers have made more than $100,000 from their apps.”

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RIM giving away free Playbook to increase interest in their App Word Program

Today RIM announced that they would be giving away free Playbooks to anyone who creates an Android app and submits it to Blackberry App World program by February 13th. By doing this, RIM is hoping that giving their device to developers for free they will create  interesting and creative apps for their Playbook which will hopefully help the company stay afloat and compete again with Android and iOS devices.