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T-Mobile’s Uncarrier service goes international

Earlier this year, T-Mobile announced it’s new uncarrier service, allowing customers to buy phone’s at a simplified price and no penalty for leaving the carrier. T-Mobile decided to add to this game-changing strategy by introducing Simple Choice plans. These plans include unlimited international mobile data and texting, for those that travel internationally. Voice calls will have a base rate of 20 cents per minute. There is also a Stateside International Talk and Text, for customers who want to contact family abroad. The carrier also announced Speed Boosts plans, allowing users to buy a faster data plan for when they are abroad. T-Mobile really changed the international phone plan market with this. With American’s travelling as much as they do, this plan will attract many customers who don’t like being surprised by their cell phone when they return from their travels.


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iPhone App Design Trends

This article explores the ways in which designers use graphical elements and screen interactions to create iPhone-applications that are easy on the eyes and mind. The aim of this article is to display common trends and design approaches in iPhone app design – please notice that they are not necessarily optimal ones from the design or usability point of view.