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Apple fixes a slew of errors in 7.0.3

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 7.0.3, a much needed update to fix a few bugs that had been plaguing the mobile operating system since its release a month ago. Many of the more than 200 million users of i0S 7 experienced issues with their iMessage failing to send messages. Apple’s release notes seem to indicate that this was due to a bug that prevented iMessage from properly activating. Another important fix with the minor update was the accelerometer calibration issues for the new iPhone 5s and 5c. Many users noted that the compass and new level applications available in iOS 7 were significantly off on the new 5s and 5c devices compared to the older iPhone 5. Apple also fixed a bug that allowed users to by pass the lockscreen after a doing a series of specific tasks and they enhanced the option to reduce the motion effects for the fair number of users that experience sickness due to the graphics. In addition to all the fixes Apple added some new functionalities including iCloud Keychain and Password Generator. These have been a part of iOS 7 but they are now fully integrated due to the release of OSX Mavericks. Read More…