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Apple stock closes at 2013 high

Apple always draws in lots of attention from consumers near the holiday season but they perhaps get even more attention from their investors. Investors have been watching Apple stock raise steadily over the month of November and many analysts were looking for a large jump in stock on the 2013 Black Friday shopping day. The is the day that Apple offers sales on many of their products when is never seen any other time of the year unless you are a student. Apple is projecting Q4 revenues of $55 billion and that has certainly caught the investors attention. Many were worried today when Apple released their Black Friday deals. There were not any sales though, only gift cards to be offered with certain purchases. That triggered speculation of investors because it may deter people from buying product but despite uncertainty stock closed today at 1.86 percent higher pushing the price up to $556.07, the highest price this year. This price is still short of November 29th, 2012 when it was $589.36. Read more…

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Lack of product secrecy is hurting Apple’s stock

For the past few years Apple has had a difficult time keeping their new products secret. Information on their newest gadgets is constantly getting leaked leading people and investors to experience little excitement at Apple announcements like the recent one on September 10th. Two months prior to the event Apple experienced steady growth as anticipation built for Apple to release the next big thing but after the announcement Apple’s stock fell by 1.7 percent. That leads investors to question whether people are not excited about Apples new products because of the lack of secrecy or is Apple just failing to impress the rapidly growing mobile market? Read more…