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Twitter Redesign Beta for Android Devices

Probably lost in the wake of news concerning Twitter’s confidential IPO filing is a revamp of their app on Android devices. This week Twitter released a beta to those who signed up for it. Designated “version 5.0,” an attractive new sliding sidebar has been added in addition to new navigational options placed on it. The sidebar will list the various new and old options over top a background of your blurred photo header. There will also still be a horizontal bar at the top of the app featuring many or all of the same options complete with search and tweet icons and notifications counter.  The look and sound of these “renovations” is very appealing, but there is no definitive decision on whether the changes will be officially published in an update. Twitter likes to experiment, as stated in their blog post, so this might all be subject to how well the beta is received.

I am excited about the possibility of these details being implemented and find it interesting that they are being initiated solely on Android devices at the moment. One anticipated concern with the new design that I am curious about is whether the sidebar will require a screen press or if it may just be swiped open and closed, as this is something that might potentially bug the app’s users if implemented being accessible only via an screen press button.