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HP’s first Windows 8.1 tablet to hit stores in November

Hewlett-Packard’s first Windows 8.1 tablet will be coming out in November and they will  have smaller screens and powerful graphics. The Omni 10 will have Windows 8.1 and run on Intel’s Atom Z3000 processor code-named Bay Trail. The tablet, with a 10-inch screen, will offer nine hours of battery life, according to the company. Specifications and pricing were not immediately available, but Intel has said that starting prices for Windows 8.1 tablets with Bay Trail chips could range from $350 to $500.


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The Cintiq Companion, a tablet for artists

The company Wacom has come out with a Windows tablet (Cintiq Companion), that has the functionality and software of a normal Windows tablet, but also a sketch/drawing program and accessories.  The tablet is very artist friendly, providing users with the ability to draw based on the pressure applied to the screen with the stylus/pen.  It also is multitouch compatible, meaning it is simple for users to rotate and zoom in on their drawing.   One downside, is that the tablet is heavier than just carrying paper and pen, but has a stable stand, that allows it to be propped up and drawn on, or just held in one hand.  All in all, this is a big step towards improving, customizing, and providing different needs for people through the use of tablets.  Showing just how ideal it is to take a tablet on the go, especially for artists who use digital media.  This can change how many artists view technology and can open up a new market of tablets, that target a different and more specific audience.



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ASUS bridges Android and Windows 8 with the new Transformer Book Trio

From the outside the ASUS Transformer Book Trio looks like a tablet that connects to a keyboard. This idea isn’t new in the tech world, but this isn’t what makes this device stand out. What actually makes this device interesting is what happens while it’s connected to the keyboard. The tablet portion of the device has a built-in processor, and so does the keyboard… Once it is connected, the processor within the keyboard takes over, along with Windows 8. Likewise, once it is disconnected it switches back over to the Android platform. The operating systems can be switched between with the switch of a button on the keyboard as well, making the Trio stand out above other hybrids.